Binzii Dining Marble Table Set:
Luxurious 2-seater with golden stainless steel accents,
perfect for home or corner side placement.


The Binzii Dining Marble Table Set offers a luxurious and compact dining solution perfect for a cozy home or as a stylish addition to a corner side. This 2-seater set features a sleek marble tabletop that exudes sophistication and durability, providing an elegant surface for dining or enjoying a cup of coffee. The table and chairs are adorned with golden stainless steel accents, adding a touch of opulence and modernity to the ensemble. The minimalist design of the chairs, combined with their plush upholstery, ensures both comfort and style. Whether placed in a dining nook or as a statement piece in a living area, the Binzii Dining Marble Table Set elevates any space with its chic aesthetic and premium materials.

(π—”π——π— π—œπ—‘ 𝗦𝗬𝗔)
(π—”π——π— π—œπ—‘ 𝗔𝗬𝗗𝗔)

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